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Category Archive:  Colorado Sex Offender Management Board

May 20

By H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer Fifth Amendment Right NOT To Take Sexual History Polygraph – Colorado Criminal Sex Crimes Law – In Colorado and around the country – if you are on SOISP – Sex Offender Intensive Supervision Probation – it has been a requirement of the therapy that you take – and pass – a polygraph known as a Sexual History Polygraph. The refusal to take this polygraph … Read The Rest

Jun 01

by H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Sex Crimes Sex Offender Registration Law Attorney Questions And Answers About The Wrongheadedness of Colorado’s Sex Offender Registration Laws – After many years of experience with Colorado’s Sex Offender Registration Laws – convicted sex offenders and even those impacted secondarily by these laws experience both serious and negative consequences the implementation of the law’s requirements. Some of those problems include – innocent families that have been harassed, the victims of … Read The Rest

Apr 22

By H. Michael Steinberg Denver Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer Email the Author at Colorado Sex Offender Treatment System SOMB Comes Under Fire In 2014 – This year – 2014 – the Colorado state legislature commissioned a study by Dr. Deirdre D’Orazio, Dr. Anthony Beech and Dr. David Thornton (Central Coast Clinical and Forensic Psychology Services) to scrutinize the Colorado SOMB Sex Offender Management Board standards that have so unfairly impacted so many lives … Read The Rest

Jan 30

by H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer – Email The Author: Colorado Sex Offender SOMB Standards Finally Reject No Known Cure Approach –  In May 2013 there was finally action taken by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board to remove the “No Known Cure” language used by the SOMB in their Standards and Guidelines. As I wrote many years ago – the “one size fits all” approach of the “no … Read The Rest

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