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    Jan 30

    by H. Michael Steinberg – Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense LawyerEmail The Author: [email protected]

    Colorado Sex Offender SOMB Standards Finally Reject No Known Cure Approach

    Colorado Sex Offender SOMB Standards Finally Reject No Known Cure Approach

    Colorado Sex Offender SOMB Standards Finally Reject No Known Cure Approach –  In May 2013 there was finally action taken by the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board to remove the “No Known Cure” language used by the SOMB in their Standards and Guidelines.

    As I wrote many years ago – the “one size fits all” approach of the “no known cure” standard was not only irrational – it was and is not based on science or other evidence based approaches.

    Here is what I wrote then:

    What does a “no-cure” policy mean?

     It is the current policy of the state of Colorado that all adult sexual offending is a behavioral disorder which can not be “cured.”

    While many offenders can learn through treatment to manage their sexual offending behaviors and decrease their risk of re-offense, the policy remains that behavioral management should not, however, be considered a “cure.”

    While the revised language of the standard is not perfect, the modification is a step in the right direction.

    The new language in the first Guiding Principle now reads:

    “Sexual offending behavior is often repetitive and there is a continuing risk that adult sex offenders will reoffend.”

    In making the change – the board issued this important statement for the future:

    The Sex Offender Management Board (SOMB) has reviewed the considerable body of research concerning the treatment of adult sex offenders. This guiding principle establishes a treatment and management philosophy which recognizes that there is currently no way to ensure that adult sex offenders will not re-offend.

    “This does not mean that all sex offenders will re-offend. With effective treatment, supervision and self-management, sex offenders can internalize changes that may decrease their likelihood of re-offense.

    The offender must take responsibility for his/her behavior and commit to continually manage the behaviors that led to his or her offense(s) in order to prevent future victims and to enhance public safety.”

    The Most Insightful StatementsMade During The “No Cure” Discussion

    SOMB Board member Jessica Meza explained the change to the standard – guiding principle as follows:

    “The new language “is more evidence based.

    (T)he current Guiding Principle and the message to the community …is fear-based. …changing the language will not necessarily change the way people believe.”

    Another Board member –Tom Leversee – expressed that …”some of the international organizations like the Center for Sex Offender Management and the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers do not support the no known cure language and keeping the language would be out of alignment with the field.”

    ABOUT THE AUTHOR: H. Michael SteinbergEmail The Author  – A Denver Colorado Sex Crimes Criminal Defense Lawyer  – or call his office at 303-627-7777 during business hours – or call his cell if you cannot wait and need his immediate assistance – 720-220-2277.

    Colorado Sex Crimes Law

    Colorado Sex Crimes Law

    H. Michael Steinberg is an aggressive Colorado criminal defense lawyer with over 40 years of Colorado Criminal Law experience. He is not looking to negotiate a plea in every case. He is looking for the best possible outcome, based on all the facts and evidence, so that you can get on with your life.

    “I believe that I can help people who are in need and deliver the kind of quality legal service to clients they expect.” – H. Michael Steinberg

    Please call H. Michael if you have any questions about the topic in this blog piece Colorado Sex Offender SOMB Standards Finally Reject No Known Cure Approach.

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