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    Attorney Referrals to Our Firm In Sex Crimes and Other Serious Criminal Cases

    Legal professionals from across the country have trusted their referrals to The Steinberg Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm. We have been honored to have been selected by attorneys from across the country as their firm of choice in selecting a firm to entrust their clients, friends and family to.

    In addition to attorneys, our firms’s referrals come from physicians, court staff, law enforcement, many former clients, psychologists, magistrates, social workers, law school professors, trial consultants and a large array of others that understand the depth and skill of our law firm.

    Because our firm is always available on call to handle emergency situations, our telephones are answered live, 24/7. H. Michael Steinberg has over 26 years of Colorado Criminal Law experience in zealously and aggressively representing clients in State and Federal Court throughout Colorado.

    Our track record speaks for itself. We have proven results listed throughout the state of Colorado. As Michigan’s premier criminal defense law firm, you can rest assured knowing that your referrals will be handled professionally, confidentially, ethically, compassionately and with the very highest standards of care. With thousands of Colorado criminal cases behind the firm, H. Michael knows his way around the Colorado court system as only a career former DA can.

    Some criminal defense “firms” in Colorado and across the country function mainly as referral agencies. They are often out-of-state law firms or one-man shops that operate from a local lawyer’s home. They often use traveling sales people to pitch their services in-home, and then farm out the vast majority of their work to local attorneys around the country who are willing to work cheap.

    It is a highly profitable, low overhead business model for those that operate by farming out most of their work. Because these operators keep a large portion of the legal fees and pay out only a fraction to the independent contract attorneys willing to accept that lesser fee, clients are not always given top-notch representation.

    Be assured that H. Michael handles every case personally. He is a highly skilled, professional and frequently participate in continuing legal education.

    When you phone our office, you will be reaching an actual law firm with real offices, really located in Colorado rather than someone’s home or an office in California or Illinois.

    The Colorado Criminal Defense Law Firm of H. Michael Steinberg will consider co-counsel and “of counsel” arrangements on a case by case basis. However, if he chooses to accept such an arrangement, due to his extensive and particular experience, it is required that he will serve as lead counsel in all instances.

    We invite you to call H. Michael Steinberg at any time to discuss the needs of your referral clients.’

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