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    Jun 25

    One of the most difficult aspects of Colorado Sex Offender Probation is making it all of the way through therapy.  If a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer successfully negotiates a deferred judgement and sentence, (which ends in a dismissal of the case if there is a successful completion of the requirements of the deferred judgement), the completion of the regimen of sex offender treatment requires enough time.

    Colorado Sex Offender Probation Rules

    For Colorado Felony Sex Offender cases – four years – believe it or not – is sometimes not enough time to complete the entire program.  Thus – in the past – the probation officer would be required to violate the defendant and cause a felony conviction to enter.

    This new law (it amends 18-1.3-102 CRS Deferred sentencing of defendant) permits the court – in Adult and Juvenile Sex Offender deferred judgement cases – to extend the period of the deferred judgement.

    Under current law, a deferred judgment may last up to four years from the date of the plea for a felony. The new law changes the calculation from the date of the plea if no pre-sentence report is ordered or to the date when the court considers the pre-sentence report. The deferred period maybe extended for an additional two years if the deferred judgment is for a sex offense and good cause is shown.

    The bill also extends the time period for a juvenile deferral of adjudication for a sex offense from one year to two years with the opportunity to extend it up to five years with good cause shown.

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