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    Category Archive:  Colorado Juvenile Sex Offender Cases

    Aug 24

    By H. Michael Steinberg Colorado Sexual Assault Criminal Defense Lawyer – Attorney Alleged Sexual Crime Witnesses’s Prior Juvenile Adjudications Alleged Sexual Crime Witnesses’s Prior Juvenile Adjudications – In the case of  People v. Corson announced on  January 17, 2013 by the Colorado Court of Appeals, the non disclosure of a prior juvenile adjudication (conviction) by the State of Colorado lead to the Court sending a plea agreement back to the lower court for reconsideration of … Read The Rest

    Aug 01

    Charges for Sex crimes, sexual offenses, and sexual abuse continue to be a large problem at Colorado colleges and universities. The Colorado Crush For Investigation of Sex Crimes on College Grounds Colorado Colleges and Universities have been under increasing scrutiny from the Department of Education and the Justice Department. Last year, 2011, the Department issued new guidellines to provide guidance to colleges and universities in responding to sex crimes on campuses. The Department has emphasized that … Read The Rest

    Jun 25

    One of the most difficult aspects of Colorado Sex Offender Probation is making it all of the way through therapy.  If a Colorado Criminal Defense Lawyer successfully negotiates a deferred judgement and sentence, (which ends in a dismissal of the case if there is a successful completion of the requirements of the deferred judgement), the completion of the regimen of sex offender treatment requires enough time. Colorado Sex Offender Probation Rules For Colorado Felony Sex … Read The Rest

    May 19

    As a young prosecutor right out of law school in the early 1980’s – my mentor – a man named John Topolnicki – asked me who – in the criminal justice system has the most power? I answered – ” well – the judge of course.” Over the last 40 years I would learn over and over -it is the District Attorney – not the judge, the jury, or least of all, the defense lawyer, … Read The Rest

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