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Monthly Archive:  May, 2012

May 27

Introduction – Like shooting fish in a barrell – several Colorado counties have ramped up their efforts to investigate and prosecute those downloading child pornography.  With penalties from life in prison, to multiple years in the Department of Corrections, – with consequences such as lifetime registration as a sex offender and literally years of “treatment” for convicted sex offenders – this story is too important to ignore. I have prosecuted and defended dozens of these … Read The Rest

May 19

As a young prosecutor right out of law school in the early 1980’s – my mentor – a man named John Topolnicki – asked me who – in the criminal justice system has the most power? I answered – ” well – the judge of course.” Over the last 30 years I would learn over and over -it is the District Attorney – not the judge, the jury, or least of all, the defense lawyer, … Read The Rest

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